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Biting the hand for short-term gain

Fine Gael and Labour are being shamelessly opportunistic and will put party before country to work against those who have been steering the economy towards help and better times.

Both parties are biting the hand that feeds us and are doing this for short-term political gain.

Get over it people, we live in a small open economy and some of us borrowed beyond our means.

House prices were bound to fall and it's a lack of income and not negative equity that puts a strain on young families trying to pay a mortgage.

So, Fine Gael, please get something right and plan to bridge the gap with rent allowance on a case-by-case basis -- perhaps equivalent to what a family would get if they were to lose their house -- rather than this nonsense about negative equity allowance, which is words of comfort for investors not young families.

Caitriona McClean
Lucan, Co Dublin

Irish Independent