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Bishops have given up the moral high ground

I HOPE that the pages of the Irish Independent from Tuesday and Wednesday of this week will make people sit up and take note of some realities in this 21st century.

On Tuesday, we read how the Catholic bishops, despite opposition from many of their priests, are pushing through reform of the Mass and dictating more obscure prayers for the congregation to mouth every Sunday, without actually understanding what they are saying.

Do these guys really see a God in Heaven who thinks these “responses” needs their urgent attention?

Contrast that with the article the following day, where we read of the Dalai Lama preaching the words of compassion, hope and forgiveness in Limerick – a simple, elegant message in words we can all understand.

Forty years ago, I have no doubt that the Dalai Lama would have been called a pagan by those same bishops and attendance there would probably have been banned for Catholics.

It may already be too late for those bishops to get real and start thinking about what Christianity is all about. Someone else, a Buddhist holy man, has grasped the moral high ground.