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Bishop Ted . . . Budget . . . Fine Fail . . . Future loss

IN 1992 Galileo was welcomed back to the fold of the Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II and last week Homer Simpson was 'converted' to the faith. Surely now it's time that Father Ted was made an honorary bishop?

Anthony Sheridan


  • DICK Keane, it appears, wants the entire burden of closing the Budget deficit to fall on public service staff and welfare recipients. (Letters, October 20). So much for sharing the pain!

In the past two Budgets it was precisely these two groupings that were asked to give the most.

The wages of workers in the public service (most of whom are on quite modest salaries) were cut by 15pc plus the 2pc income levy, while social welfare has been reduced by 5pc.

Perhaps it is now time for others to play their part?

Kevin P McCarthy

Killarney, Co Kerry

  • IT has been suggested that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael merge. All our current political parties should get together and then we can have one large, useless, expensive heap!

K Nolan

Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim

  • SEEKING a Budget plan from opposition parties is nothing more than a cosmetic exercise. It won't be implemented, but would instead be used as a pathetic ploy by these parties to justify an existence that is hanging by a thread.

If Fine Gael came to power, what difference would it make? The party would have to inherit Fianna Fail's poison chalice. I wish people would stop believing that an election would resolve our present mess.

Dr Florence Craven

Maynooth, Co Kildare

  • WHAT are we going to say to our grandchildren in 20 years' time if they ask us: "What did you do in the old days, granddad, to stop the bad bankers, politicians and developers from stealing our futures?"

C O Conbhuidhe

Riverstown, Co Sligo

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