Thursday 21 November 2019

Bird brains

• The most heartwarming story for me for Christmas was how Pixie, a seven-year-old Congo African grey parrot, was rescued and saved by his local neighbourhood-watch text alert in Dunshaughlin near Dublin last week (Irish Independent, December 15). They did a great job.

Basically, Pixie was on his regular perch outside his owner's shop. He is a bit of a people-watcher, is Pixie. He appreciates the feminine, as he likes to wolf whistle at the ladies. He has the measure of dogs as well, as he likes to bark at them. His vocabulary is said to be about 2,000 words. And after his experience last week, he may add a few more.

He is a much-loved member of the locality and within minutes of being sneakily snatched from his perch, his owner was informed and a very fast text alert did the rounds about Pixie's dire situation.

Thankfully, the car was quickly spotted and the culprit was caught and told to hand the parrot back. Pixie was saved by those who cared about him the most. His neighbourhood. His community.

This is almost like one of those famous 'Tweetie Pie' cartoons, when Tweetie the small, yellow budgie would yell: "I tawt I saw a Puddy Tat – I did! I did! I did!" whenever Sylvester the cat came too close for comfort.

M Sullivan

College Road, Cork

Irish Independent

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