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• I note in Saturday's edition you published a letter "What the Dickens" castigating me for misquoting Charles Dickens' famous quote from Oliver Twist.

I must point out my email correctly quoted the original "the law is a ass" but in the publication process it was changed to "the law is an ass".

It is interesting to note more concern with the minuscule misquotation than with the substance of the letter.

This obsession with detail rather than concern with the kernel of problems is a sad feature of recent Irish debate especially in economic spheres.

Padraic Neary
Tubbercurry, Co Sligo

• I read with incredulity the rallying call by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions president Michael O'Reilly for people to attend the forthcoming anti-austerity march in anticipation of next month's Budget.

The sheer brass neck of these union bosses, who wilfully gorged at the altar of social partnership during the 'boom', simply knows no bounds.

They call for people of both private and public sectors to come together in a show of solidarity. They are hiding behind a facade of protesting against austerity while many of their members are protected by the Croke Park Agreement and they themselves receive generous salaries and expenses.

The unions are no better than the politicians or bankers and should lead this so called march wearing sackcloth and ashes.

Billy McElligott
Doha, Qatar

• The upcoming Budget -- debt by a thousand cuts?

Tom Gilsenan
Beaumont, D9

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