Monday 23 October 2017

'Big Debate' on law and order needed

Faith and claptrap

Gardai on duty
Gardai on duty
Gardai are now a force to be reckoned with

* The gardai are going through a rough time. In fact, that is always the case if one thinks about it. We give them a can of pepper spray and send them out at night to battle the great heaving mess that is humanity, while we sleep comfortably in our beds.

We don't see, and don't want to see, the carnage they witness. We don't see humanity in its lowest form. And yet we expect them to be superheroes. They have to get my cat out of the tree and they have to make sure that traffic flows and they have to witness our judiciary in action.

They have to deal with requests that put them in almost impossible positions. Perhaps rather than declare an all-out war on our gardai, we should sit down and listen to them. Yes, there are some who are probably at the point where their services are no longer required and they should be removed with haste, but the rest know more about us than we probably know ourselves.

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