Sunday 21 January 2018

Bid to scupper Norris 'obscene'

Sir -- In the midst of ignorance, nepotism and opportunism, David Norris has stood out as the last of a dying breed of gentlemen, renowned for his erudition, academic excellence, courtesy and common decency. He has offered to give us, as a nation, the benefit of his vast store of ability, by running for President.

To see him now brought down by remarks made nearly 10 years ago borne out of his knowledge of classical Greece, which not many in this country could match, is obscene.

That someone, who on her track record to date, would certainly not appear to be David Norris's intellectual equal, or have even a vestige of his ability, should choose to revisit a matter capable of ruining his chance of giving us powerful representation on the world stage is unforgivable. It reflects badly not on David Norris, but on us, if we choose to let this scandalmongering influence us.

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