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Biblical tales . . . Name update . . . PR system . . . Banks

What hope is there for a lasting peace in the Middle East with people like Valerie Lopes (Letters, February 10), a teacher no less, who gets her 'facts' from the Bible, the greatest work of fiction ever written?

Desmond FitzGerald
Canary Wharf, London

  • The Irish Independent inaccurately lists today my candidature in the Galway West constituency as "Eoin Holmes".

I am in fact Uinseann Holmes, as stated on my birth certificate, also known as Vincent Holmes to many.

Uinseann Holmes
Cnoc na Cathrach, Galway

  • To answer Mary Devane Wilson's query (Letters, February 9) re the PR system of voting, it was explained to me once in a very unscientific way.

In the direct system, the most popular candidate wins; in our proportional representation system, it's the least unpopular candidate who wins.

D K Henderson
Clontarf, Dublin 3

  • Alan Dukes, ex-TD, ex-minister and now a banker, is reported to be expecting us to borrow another €15bn to prop up failed banks.

It seems bankers still refuse to acknowledge simple facts -- we are broke.

Get lost, Alan. We've no money to bail out bankers who gambled and lost.

Sean Hennessy
Dublin 24

  • Anglo and now the whole banking sector is definitely a black hole. Began as a massive star of Celtic Tiger Ireland, collapsed on itself, spread to other banks/stars and gets bigger the more it's fed.

Please, please wake up!

Killian Foley-Walsh

Irish Independent