Thursday 23 November 2017

Beware the silent danger of greed

On the same day the Government announced that the new chief of the HSE will be paid €6,200 a week (€1,200 per working day) and that millions of euro will be spent to protect those who can afford to buy private health insurance, we were also told that lone parents are to have their meagre weekly allowance slashed.

Does any member of the Government, or the governing parties, understand what is meant by the "silent danger of greed"? It is clear now that those making decisions are incapable of escaping from the greed bubble. They are desperately trying to keep the party going.

These decisions are unethical and patently unwise and what must be of most concern to interested observers (and that includes us, for this is what this Government has relegated us all to) is that at this stage the tendency is to cover up the extent of the problem by cooking the books or pretending that things are on the up.

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