Monday 16 December 2019

Beware of bearded zealots

Sir -- "The Bearded Zealots" must not hold us to ransom. I congratulate you on your splendid leading article (Sunday Independent, March 14). In terms of relevance, it was a classic.

I am 90 years and six months old. My old typewriter is kaput. I apologise for having to write this letter by hand, but I still "call a spade a spade". Because of the diabolical state of our economy, our democratically elected Government had no alternative to imposing the severest of restrictions to public expenditure in the recent budget. None of us like it, but we must grin and bear it. Otherwise we cannot bring our devastating foreign debt to manageable proportions.

Despite the atrocious dilemma confronting our nation is it not unpatriotic, irrational and irresponsible for the "bearded zealots brigade" to hold the country to ransom in a spurious endeavour to force the Government to reverse its integral plan to reduce a vicious deficit.

The Government must not relent under any circumstances.

If it does, our economy will ultimately be that of a banana republic, devoid of employment and of any future for our children and grandchildren.

Is it not stupendous that the "bearded zealot brigade" who, according to the media, secure salaries from €150,000 upwards, plus cars and expenses, should advocate and promote disruption of public services on every citizen, even on the nearly half a million on the dole, and the hundreds and thousands of unfortunate citizens threatened with loss of their homes.

Comrades Karl Mark-Fredrick Engels and Leon Trotsky also promoted a disruption ideology, which proved a dismal failure. Would the "bearded zealot brigade" not be well advised to fully support our hard won democratic system rather than sabotage its functionalism?

Edwin Cussen,

Bishopstown, Cork

Sunday Independent

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