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Best-laid plans

The children's hospital project is the latest in a long line of magical mystery trains, all packed to the last breath. 'Standing room only. No breathing allowed.' Its usual passengers are a unique species referred to as experts.

One expects that some of these Einsteins must have asked themselves the question: will the scale of this project or the site location conform to the requirements of An Bord Pleanala?

Surely their written briefs included "feasibility of scale and site location" issues. If that was not in their briefs, then why, why, why not?

However, as 'experts', surely they should have been fully aware of these issues. Any first-year student of architecture, design and planning would have known of such issues.

Even a non-brain-celled, fully anaesthetised amoeba lying flat on its back on some slide under a microscope in St James's Hospital medical research lab on any cold rainy night of the week would have been fully cognisant of all the ins and outs of the concept of feasibility and many other directly related issues. No doubt about it.

But wait. Perhaps this was all really a sketch from Monty Python? Unfortunately not. It was yet another predictable episode from the reality series called Ireland.

A renaming of the country to 'Monty Python Land' seems to be definitely indicated. The next referendum should also include a vote on it.

Ivor Shorts
Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

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