Tuesday 20 March 2018

Bertie's own fault

Madam – Your columnist John Drennan suggests that Bertie Ahern is a "scapegoat" for the woes that currently befall the country (Sunday Independent, November 17, 2013). Nothing could be further from the truth.

The main reason Bertie is held in disdain now is his total disregard for the offices he held. As a finance minister, he is possibly the only holder of such an office in European parliamentary history to accept the proceeds of a begging bowl passed around after a football match – despite being among the best paid finance ministers at the time. His record as Taoiseach was not much better.

After his forced resignation, Bertie's abysmal behaviour continued apace. We all witnessed his shameful treatment of his secretary, who broke down in tears when her testimony on Sterling lodgements was in direct contradiction to her boss.

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