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Bertie's miracle

• It seems that whatever else may have changed, Bertie can still work the odd miracle.

A visit by the ex-Taoiseach to the Mater Chapel on Good Friday -- Irish Independent, April 7 -- and lo and behold, the Sisters of Mercy resurrect the Eccles Street Children's Hospital on Easter Monday (pure coincidence, of course).

Even Leonard Cohen would have been impressed!

The pressure to make the convenient rather than the correct decision has just trebled as the Mater, Temple Street and The Rotunda row in behind the Sisters' admittedly generous offer.

But why wasn't this on the table in the first place -- the €35m and rising -- spent on planning for the National Children's Hospital gets more bizarre the more we hear about this ill-fated project and the goal posts seem to be constantly changing while the children of Ireland still wait... and wait... and wait.

Mark Lawler
South Circular Rd, Kilmainham, D8

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