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Bertie small cog in very big wheel

Madam – Ronald Quinlan got front page space to praise Bertie Ahern's heroic role in the Good Friday Agreement. (Sunday Independent April 14, 2013).

Peace negotiations were already in place when Bertie came on board. He joined in at a time when the desire for a lasting peace had taken its grip on the players already on the pitch. Unionists, Republicans, Downing Street and the White House were all there for the big push. Certainly, Bertie as Taoiseach, was doing his bit and it was nice for him to be there for the signing; this is what makes him more important to the talks as time goes by.

Credit where credit is due, of course. But, it has been flogged to death how Bertie saved the day.

He was a small cog in a very large wheel.

John McCormack,


Online Editors