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Benefits policy is discriminatory

In reaction to the article on the crackdown on child benefits by Aideen Sheehan (Irish Independent, October 12), how can the Government endorse such a discriminatory process?

It clearly targets non-Irish citizens, harassing them with quarterly letters to confirm details that are never double- checked for veracity anyway.

Having suffered the suspension of the payment through their inability to update their records on time, I feel that their process is utterly inefficient and, having had to confirm details every three months for more than four years now, I feel quite upset to be considered a potential fraudster on the basis of my nationality.

Will we ever get to know how many payments have been reinstated as the suspension was a mistake in the first place?

Surely, there has to be a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to check if families (Irish or not) are still within the jurisdiction and crack down on fraudsters. A bit of cooperation between departments would certainly not go amiss.

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