Monday 23 October 2017

Be grateful to leaders

Sir -- Hopefully, in the not too distant future, Irish people will consider this period of our history as the awakening or maturing of "The Irish" with regard to our unquestioning faith in our leaders (ie: business, judicial, political, religious etc).

We should be grateful to Cardinal Brady for demonstrating so clearly by his denial of responsibility in the Brendan Smyth affair and his refusal to resign how misplaced and foolish it was to admire these leaders with feet of clay.

The Famine had a profound effect on the Irish psyche which lasts to this day, and I believe that the crisis within the Roman Church, the collapsing of the property bubble and the obvious inadequacy of our politicians may eventually make us a more mature society, less likely to be impressed by these charlatans who have lived off us for generations.

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