Saturday 18 November 2017

Be grateful for 'peanuts' salary

Sir -- WHY in Pat Kenny's "peanuts" salary statement should he compare broadcasters with foreign soccer players?

Let him compare them with the players in his own country and his salary will be seen in its proper perspective -- obscenely high. Let him compare them with any of the Tipperary/ Kilkenny hurlers who get paid no salary but who enraptured 82,000 fans and a huge TV audience with their commitment and skills. Pat's salary went down from nearly a million to well over half a million. So what? He can look at sportsmen the world over, some of whom take in many millions annually, and thus feed his resentment, or, he can be quietly grateful that he has a job when many of the frontline workers have lost their jobs due to the recession.

Robert A Sharpe,

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