Friday 24 November 2017

B-Day looming

• There is no getting away from the fact that D-Day is getting nearer, with predictions of tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, rising temperatures, famines, droughts and collapse of governments. Sorry, did I say D-Day? I meant B-Day, Budget Day – Ireland's Doomsday.

There will certainly be big waves of anger after the earthquake of cuts causing another Irish famine; there will be rising tempers of citizens erupting on the streets that will collapse this Government as they did the last one. After B-Day, days are certain to get darker as more and more people will have their electricity disconnected, and much colder with central heating disconnected.

Yes, this Government, like the last, is disconnected from its people and this Budget is likely to cause war. How did the prophet Nostradamus get it so right?

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