Wednesday 13 December 2017

BBC objects to 'dishonesty' claim

Madam -- I am the producer of the Panorama, Euro 2012: Stadiums of Hate, broadcast by the BBC. Your article by Louis Jacob makes a number of unfounded allegations and repeatedly accuses myself and the other members of the production team of "dishonesty" in making the programme

We are accused by Mr Jacob of 'narrow, agenda-driven sensationalism'. Mr Jacob's article would appear to suffer from the very problem that he accuses Panorama of. Our programme showed evidence of serious racist and anti-Semitic behaviour in two countries. Mr Jacob has chosen to focus on the evidence we presented against just one of those countries. He has also ignored the central question we posed in the opening minute of the documentary: If UEFA has zero tolerance to racism, how does that square with awarding the tournament to two countries where we were able to show large numbers of fans indulging in racist and anti-Semitic behaviour?

The most serious of our evidence originated in Ukraine. Approximately half of the programme was taken up with this and Mr Jacob chose to ignore all of it in his analysis.

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