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Battle plan for the new 'Emergency'

• I am a 78-year-old US Army veteran. I have been in many a battle and seen the good and bad of the world.

Ireland today is in a great battle of its own. However, the big bout is a no-contest between a featherweight and a heavyweight.

Yes, Ireland is at war with itself.

Hitler fought a war with men, aeroplanes and artillery and occupied countries. The British also fought wars and occupied countries. Uncle Sam and the men from the West did not occupy any country. The troops they sent in were McDonald's, Ford, Boeing and General Electric, to name a few.

They occupied by trade.

Ireland is in an economic war and will have to mobilise its resources. We must audit all our imports and identify the biggest ones.

We must then negotiate with their producers and then persuade them to come and manufacture them here.

We will subsidise each employed worker to the tune of €70 a week towards their wages.

We will assist in the financing and setting up of the factory. We can transform imports into exports.

Ireland wants you.

James Stafford
Cabinteely, Dublin 18

Irish Independent