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Barking mad

• On Saturday night, on the TV talent show 'Britain's Got Talent' we were introduced to an amazing group of extremely talented musicians including our own Ryan O'Shaughnessy.

And then there was a group of synchronised swimmers, AND A GIRL WITH A CUTE DOGGY!

The decision on the final outcome of the competition was left to the British, and to a lesser extent, the Irish voting public. They collectively decided to give £500,000 (€621,788) to a dog and its trainer. What does this say for the voting public??

I have long held that Joe Public should not be allowed to decide on the future of talent show contestants, but rather a panel of extremely highly qualified experts!

A dog?


My late father always maintained that in show-business, we will always be subjected to the reactions of the IFP (Ignorant Effing Public). How right you were Dad!

Kyran Geraghty

Ballyleague, Co Roscommon