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Barbaric hunting will have to stop

Sir -- The Ward Union Stag Hunt is no more. However, the winning vote of three shows just how far Ireland has yet to travel.

This was not a case of animal rights or a green agenda winning out; it was just evolution catching up with a populace that are misled by primitive wind-vane politicians.

The energy used up, the lies, the campaigns were all unnecessary.

Had the Ward Union Hunt recognised 20 years ago that setting dogs on a simple, innocent and defenceless creature was wrong and replaced it with drag hunting, then they could have had their horses, dogs and fun without the shame and whiff of barbarity and the many whispers of West Brit traditions hanging on alone in Ireland.

For that is what it was; this hunt had nothing to do with us, our culture or traditions.

Look at what they are doing in England, they said; they will do the same here, they said. Well yes, they will, in time.

In time, snaring badgers, poisoning birds and foxes, killing hares etc will all be stopped. Evolution, not politics, will see to it and Europe will finally see to it too.

The Aherns, Kennys, Gilmores et al, who laud Europe and push it down our throats, hide the fact that Europe is clear about putting an end to all this and they will not call it "fields sports" either when they do.

It will simply be called our duty towards civilisation.

The tax-paying German people, the Nordic people, who keep the whole EU ideal afloat, will not support blood lust in Ireland or in any other place -- they have learned the hard way that what we do with animals today we may do with people tomorrow.

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It will be them who will decide "no more". They have told our leaders this but our leaders pretend otherwise and still feel free to lie.

The votes thus gained will be at the expense of the truth and even the people of Meath will find this out; even they will learn eventually. Barbarism will have to stop.

John Farrelly,

Ballybough Road, Dublin 3

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