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Bankers can celebrate

Sir - I write to you in response to the 'Letter of the Week' written by Mel Devlin, (Sunday Independent, 4 January).

He refers to "bankers" having a Christmas office party, but makes no reference to what bank is involved, whether the attendees paid for their own drinks and how many of the hundreds he says were there were actually bank employees.

Instead he took the word of the door security and then proceeded to put pen to paper.

Yes, I too have been stung by the financial crisis - mostly because of my own making and indeed with some help from the financial institutions, developers, accountants, solicitors and estate agents who drove the market wild at that time. And no I don't work in a bank, but I do have a number of close friends who do at branch banking level, including my son.

I would not deny the right of any of these employees to have a get-together at Christmas in whatever shape or fashion they wish. Mr Devlin appears to have an issue with that.

But citing the tragic death of that poor homeless man was not in any way relevant to this so-called Christmas office party. That death was an extremely sad event and should not be used as a tool to make rash comparisons.

John Ryan,

Dublin 24

Thank to all the medics and jockeys

Sir - I want to thank two professional bodies who from time to time are linked together in the work they do.

My first thanks goes to the staff at James Connolly Memorial Hospital in Blanchardstown, who looked after me when I broke my leg during Christmas week, especially the orthopaedic team who work under what is obviously a section needing further funding.

Perhaps Minister Varadaker might visit his old Alma Mater where he trained as a doctor and see for himself the conditions that exist there?

My second sincere thanks goes to the great warriors who take part in National Hunt Racing.

When any one of these great sports people get broken up it's the professionals from an orthopaedic team who put them back together and allow them to entertain us like they did me watching the Christmas racing festivals from Leopardstown, Limerick and Kempton. Fred Molloy,


Dublin 15

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