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Bad odour

Within the past few days, we had a leading fruit/vegetable importer jailed for "the maximum period", six years, for evading duty on imported garlic.

Yet three-and-a-half years after a banking crisis that bankrupted this country, nobody has been brought to trial.

We have no action taken against parties in Anglo Irish and other institutions who have refused to co-operate with any investigation.

This is proof positive that evading import duty on garlic carries an almost life sentence but if you bankrupt the country no authority will touch you.

No wonder we, as a country, are a laughing stock.

John Kinsella
New Ross, Co Wexford

With such serious 223pc import duty on garlic and such a harsh sentence for a first offence, one can only assume our Revenue Commissioners and judiciary are vampires.

Gavin Tobin
Celbridge, Co Kildare

Evade paying duty on an imported shipment of garlic, get caught, and you receive a lengthy prison term.

Bring the country to its knees through your incompetence as leader of government, cause half-a-million workers to lose their jobs, force tens of thousands to flee abroad, go into denial and go around spinning a sad old yarn that it was all the fault of that oul' American bank that went bust, and guess what? They reward you with a pension of €150,000 per year until the day you die.

George Orwell on high octane couldn't have dreamed it up.

Paddy O'Brien
Ballbriggan, Co Dublin

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