Saturday 7 December 2019

Bad example . . . Banks . . . Tax hikes . . . Purgatory

My faith in the ability of the unions to reform our ailing health service was not exactly bolstered by the sight of one of their negotiators puffing on a cigarette in front of the cameras on his way into the talks in Croke Park.

Our hospitals spend almost €1bn to treat smoking-related illnesses every year, so what kind of example does this set?

Barry Walsh
Dublin 3

  • TODAY, as we "recapitalise" our banks, thereby mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's future, I notice we may no longer be in PIIGS. However the Joycean quotation comes to mind, "Ireland is an old sow that eats its farrow", or Padraig Pearse's "An clann a dhiol a mhathair".

Meanwhile, those ordinary people who are in negative equity continue to soldier on and are being told "you knew what you were doing".

Brendan Cafferty
Ballina, Mayo

  • Well done Robert O'Sullivan (Letters, March 30) for rebuking my rebuke; I laughed out loud.

Declan Doyle

  • Low-paid civil servants whose salaries are guaranteed not to be reduced in the next Budget will suffer increased taxation instead. Simple.

Gerry O'Donnell
Dublin 15

  • From paedophile priests and professional pundits to a prevaricating Pontiff, all are telling us that we, the public, must pay for their sins.

One is tempted to say that it's a perfect description of living in purgatory, except it is probably just a hellish nightmare.

Liam Power
Ballina, Co Mayo

  • This awful, spineless Government has now ensured that there is no chance of any recovery. I look forward to a transforming IMF as soon as possible.

K Nolan

Irish Independent

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