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Bad call

• The manners of Taoiseach Enda Kenny were pretty appalling in Rome.

Of course, he may disagree with the Pope on issues and he can certainly be forgiven for not understanding Italian, but playing on his phone and taking fly pictures of the main speaker while representing the Government of the Irish people at a meeting of heads of government, states and political parties is deplorable.

It doesn't matter whether he was ignoring the Pope, David Cameron or Angela Merkel, bad manners are bad manners.

These speeches are always handed out in at least two to five languages these days (with English as one of the main ones) so he wasn't looking up Google Translate.

Now, if he wanted to make a statement, why not simply boycott the meeting and save the taxpayer some money? Or go as far as to make a statement to the waiting press afterwards?

If it was the case that he was expecting an important text or email, you would think he had the sense to sit in the middle or at the back!

If the man doesn't have enough cop-on to know how to act as a representative of Ireland among other heads of government, can we let him out to do so unaccompanied again?

If only he, like Michael Collins, had Lenin to ask for advice.

Emmet O'Dowd
Ballymote, Co Sligo

Irish Independent