Saturday 7 December 2019

Backing for Katie Taylor

Madam -- I refer to your article 'Professor's lecture on Taylor way off target' (Sunday Independent, April 29, 2012). As the national charity fighting heart disease and stroke, the Irish Heart Foundation has the highest regard for champion boxer Katie Taylor, not only for representing her country at the highest level in her sport but more importantly, as an excellent role model to encourage young people to be active. Promoting physical activity in schools is a core aspect of our work and far from criticising Miss Taylor, our charity would be honoured to collaborate with her on our schools activity programmes.

Recent comments made by Professor Donal O'Shea were in fact made to the Oireachtas Health Committee on the promotion of energy drinks as part of a discussion on childhood obesity. And his comments were made in an independent capacity as Consultant Endocrinologist and physician with St Vincent's University Hospital and St Columcille's Hospital, and not as a spokesman for the Irish Heart Foundation.

The Irish Heart Foundation is a huge supporter of Katie Taylor and we wish her the best of luck in Olympics 2012 and every success for the future.

Michael O'Shea,

Chief Executive, Irish Heart Foundation, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

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