Monday 23 April 2018

Austerity is only for the masses

Madam -- Congratulations on your spot-on lead letter of last Sunday which highlighted in no uncertain terms the obscenity of the fatcats of the tuxedoed class, including members of the Government and Nama, dining in splendour at a Dublin Chamber of Commerce dinner while 450,000 unemployed citizens scramble to pay bills and put food on the table.

And what, we ask, are Eamon Gilmore and his so-called Labour Party doing while all this is going on? Our champagne-and caviar Socialists are too busy hanging on to the coat tails of Fine Gael -- and awarding one of their ministers a €17,000-a-year rise for no apparent reason -- to shout 'stop'. All this while the Coalition puts a programme of austerity in place for the masses. Austerity? Does anybody in Government know what the word means?

William Rocke,

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