Wednesday 19 December 2018

Attempt to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria

As an Irish Muslim, I wish to point out what wasn't said in Kevin Myers' article yesterday in his latest attempt to whip up mass hysteria against Islam.

Modern Muslim authoritarian states in the Middle East were by and large creations of Anglo-French policies after World War One. Their purpose is to deny the re-emergence of a strong Muslim political system which would threaten European commercial interests. They did not evolve from Islamic ideology.

Terrorism is not inspired by Islamic teachings but is a product of perceived injustice. This occurs in any country (including Mr Myers' beloved Christian/ secular societies). Suicide and terrorism are frowned upon in Islamic teachings.

Democracy is not the great Nirvana portrayed by Mr Myers. Consent is manufactured and the people are treated as consumers. Europe is economically prosperous as a result of its colonial past and also because after the violence of World War Two, Europe received vast funds from the US.

Muslims seeking their own identity within a state that is officially 'open-minded' does not signify defiance of social norms. Mr Myers operates in the school of thought that you are either 'for us or against us'. If Muslims cannot choose to disagree with the majority (in a lawful manner), then what is the difference between that society and communist Russia?

Mr Myers talks about the great Graeco-Roman civilisation of North Africa and the Middle East. This was the same society that oppressed Christians if they didn't conform to the doctrine of the Trinity. Islam liberated those peoples.

It is ironic that in a continent where the sex slavery of women is becoming accepted (ie prostitution and lap-dancing clubs), female circumcision and the denial of female education are used as a stick to beat Muslims with.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that the overall impression created by Mr Myers, namely that all Muslims are in sleeper cells, is erroneous. We may choose to disagree but the majority of Muslims I know are committed to enhancing their society and reject rebellious and animal-like behaviour.

Colm Gillis
Blackrock, Cork

Irish Independent

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