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Attack on the US truly disgusting

Patrick Cockburn's attack on George Bush and the US (Irish Independent, January 16) was truly disgusting.

Mr Cockburn criticises George Bush for his handling of a category four hurricane striking a metropolitan area. You would have to wonder how Mr Cockburn feels about Environment Minister John Gormley's performance during a two-inch dusting of snow.

If America is to be faulted it is for being too generous and gracious to an ungrateful world.

Perhaps Mr Cockburn should use his position as a journalist to look into the Irish penchant for using acts of charity as a platform for finger waving, lecturing and the assumption of higher moral ground.

Having lived amongst a Haitian community in New York for nine years I can attest that the people of Haiti desire economic independence, not the false dawn of endless patronising and self-serving sanctimony.

Joe Caulfield
Co Offaly

Irish Independent