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Attack on judges' pay is populist nonsense

JUDGE Michael Pattwell (Irish Independent, June 16) has exposed the stupidity behind the current salaries witchhunt. The savings could be €250,000 but the fact that the referendum on judges' pay could cost millions is being ignored.

Are we going to get to a point where we'll be replacing experienced judges and legal professionals with bewigged legal students to cut costs?

How about we start at the top and open Dail elections to all -- be they from Dublin, Dhaka or Dar-es-Salaam -- and cap the salaries at €20,000 a year?

Because being a TD is basically an unskilled job that requires no formal qualifications, compared with the legal profession, which requires years of study and experience.

Throughout the current debate, pay costs are being highlighted. But on the other hand, what do you get if you pay peanuts and why are the cuts only targeting certain sections of society while others sail under the radar?

Why don't we pay people what they're worth, instead of the 'one-salary-fits-all' nonsense?

Brendan Lynch

Bray, Co Wicklow

Irish Independent