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Atheist men and women

So Mary Kenny thinks that there are more atheist men than women, and that this is the result of some sort of attempt at overt manliness on their part. She really must try to pay attention - to Richard Dawkins, for example whom one could hardly describe as being the epitome of machismo.

Could it be there are more prominent male atheist voices in the media and academia because there are unfortunately still far more prominent men than women in those circles?

Next we have a dismissal of female atheists as usually ending up joining "some bonkers faux-Eastern sect". Maybe she should take a look at the cant and ceremony in her own church, she might realise that she doesn't have to stray too far East to find unfathomable ceremony and odd practices.

She also supposes that the suicide rate amongst young men has increased because of some supposed lack of religious belief.

I'd like to see the statistics she has to support this view. I doubt there are any.

I imagine, however, that she could probably could find plenty detailing the number of men and women driven to suicide after the abuse and years of cover-up inflicted on them by the church she champions.

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