Thursday 14 December 2017

Atheism promotes a purer form of morality without pay-offs

‘Atheist outburst’: Stephen Fry
‘Atheist outburst’: Stephen Fry
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

David Quinn's article describes Stephen Fry's atheism as an ill-considered outburst. His reasoning in this regard is difficult to follow.

Firstly, he contends that if Stephen Fry is an atheist then he must accept in full the views of other atheists such as Dawkins, Hawking and Crick or explain why his views differ. Not so; atheism is not a religion and unlike Catholicism does not come with its own dogma. The only thing atheists have in common is that they do not believe that God exists.

Mr Quinn does neatly lay out three possible reasons for unjust suffering; either God is not good, God is not all-powerful or God does not exist at all.

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