Wednesday 22 November 2017

As useful as a new suit to dying man

Sir -- The upcoming cabinet reshuffle will be as useful to this nation as a new suit is to a dying man. Brian Cowen must accept that the government position most in need of reshuffling is the cabinet post of Taoiseach.

It is by no accident that he is the most unpopular Taoiseach in history. He regularly goes missing when the pressure is on and has never had the personal courage or decency to apologise for the mistakes that he and his colleagues presided over during the so-called Celtic Tiger. Instead, Mr Cowen acts like a child who has convinced himself that his mother doesn't know he's been at the biscuit tin.

He should be reminded, again, that it was his decision to operate something called "light touch regulation" of our banks, or 'no regulation' as we now know it. This deliberate failure has nothing to do with Lehman's bank or other external factors; this was a unique local failure. Our property-related debts are more a feature of our economic depression than any other nation in the EU, again due directly to the policy decisions of Brian Cowen to drive the property bubble, through tax breaks, and non-existent planning control. The idea that Mr Cowen should try to extract some kind of praise for setting up NAMA, the greatest ever act of subversion of this State, is a sickening indictment of our national betrayal.

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