Sunday 25 February 2018

As a nation, we lack confidence

Madam – Eoghan Harris (Sunday Independent, October 27, 2013) rightly drew attention to the racism which is prevalent throughout Irish society; be it a throw-away comment or something more insidious, it is something we encounter far too often. I believe this stems from post-colonial insecurities we have yet to rid ourselves of.

After nearly 100 years of independence, it is apparent we are still not comfortable with our identity. This can be seen in the innocuous (but often deluded) chant on the football terraces, "You'll never beat the Irish", or by the seemingly harmless desire to be loved by everyone. This betrays a lack of confidence in ourselves as a people and shows we have yet to assert ourselves as a confident nation.

Still, we have much to be proud of: we are one of the leading nations when it comes to private charity donations, and a recent report showed we are one of Europe's least developed nations (building/ land ratio). Let us keep it that way and enjoy it together with whoever chooses to make this beautiful island their home.

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