Thursday 26 April 2018

Architects of our misery must share pain

Your Editorial (Irish Independent, November 26) strove to set forth a balanced response to the four-year plan and rowed in with the sentiments of Michael Noonan that we need to buckle down now and "get on with it and get over it". But must we just ignore "the injustice of it all" and "swallow it"?

We now see that this past 12 years saw the country run like a casino in which a small chosen few were allowed to use taxpayers' money as chits as they pursued fortunes for themselves. The Government turned a blind eye and at every turn changed the rules to facilitate this gluttony.

Our tax base was eroded and, as a consequence, even during the roaring years of the Celtic Tiger we had people sleeping rough on the streets, we had people dying on hospital waiting lists and 4pc of the working population were left to languish on the dole.

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