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Aras is ready for President Norris

Sir -- I met David Norris 20 years ago. We were involved in developing an Aids awareness programme -- a lonely battle at the time, but one that David did not give up on.

David is warm, kind, funny, and an amazing orator. He is passionate about Joyce and, more importantly, people's right to fairness, dignity and respect. There is absolutely no way that David Norris would support any type of sexual deviance. It is not in his make up or character to be abusive or disrespectful. David Norris has a successful and inspirational track record as a civil rights campaigner, scholar and politician. Aras an Uachtarain is ready for David Norris -- for his vision, empathy, intellect, political nuance, charm, sharpness, and above all passion for the country he loves.

I concur with Eoghan Harris (Sunday Independent, June 5, 2011), now is the time to support David in his campaign to be president.

Patricia Tsouros,

Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Sunday Independent