Tuesday 20 February 2018

Aras is no place for murderers

Sir -- I had not intended to put pen to paper in respect of the upcoming presidential election. However, when I heard Mr McGuinness describe how he was a major player in the peace process and how he had put his life on the line in his efforts, it provoked me into responding.

He was, like many others, a cog in the wheel of obtaining its present state of success, but to say he put his life on the line flies in the face of the sacrifices of thousands of others on all sides who risked their lives in the same process. What is different in their cases is that they lost their lives -- and in a large number of cases totally against their wishes and at the hands of republican terrorists.

Mr McGuinness, his friend Gerry Adams and other IRA/Sinn Fein godfathers would say that it was at a time when the IRA/Sinn Fein was at war with the British in order to bring about a united Ireland.

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