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Anti-gay rant . . . Bullfighting . . . Health . . . Arnotts

For any readers who didn't make it through Kevin Myers's rant on same-sex adoption, let me summate: human rights should be scrapped, gay people are violent to their partners, children are harmed by anything but a mammy and daddy, and, of course, the old reliable -- gay men will abuse children.

Hope I've saved readers an infuriating five minutes.

Alan Flanagan
Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

  • I was delighted to hear the Catalonia region of Spain has voted to ban the revolting "sport" of bullfighting (Irish Independent, July 29).

But was it necessary to publish the accompanying photograph of the moron bullfighter and his victim. Perhaps you might publish a photograph of a similar thug dangling from the horns of his opponent. That would brighten up my day.

Paul Kelly
Skerries, Co Dublin

  • David Rooney complains that our health service has been destroyed (Letters, July 29). Such rubbish. The health minister has allowed a private clinic to be built on the grounds of a public hospital so consultants can charge €220 for a 15-minute consultation. Now that's progress, Harney style. God help us all.

Ciaran O'Moore
Raheny, Dublin 5

  • It's good to see that Brian Cowen, freed from the shackles of governing for the next few months, now has the time to meet people and sign autographs at the Galway Races.

Like the vast majority of people who pay his inflated wages, I would have to request annual leave from my full-time job to partake in the Galway festivities.

Niall Dunne
Bonham St, dublin 8

  • It seems unusual to most that Anglo Irish Bank would take over Arnotts. But I thought of all of those dodgy loans they have . . . and then I remembered! Sure haven't Arnotts got a great bargain basement?

Tarquin Montreau
Dublin 15

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