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Another example of sick cosiness

The round of golf shared by Seanie FitzPatrick and Brian Cowen is another example of the sickening cosiness of the elites in this country. This cosiness has been the undoing of our economy and has exposed the Fianna Fail party as little more than the incompetent patsies of a corrupt and broken banking system.

Mr Cowen seems to forget that as finance minister he had ultimate responsibility for economic regulation. That he cannot see why it was wrong to be so close to Seanie FitzPatrick is shocking.

The economic historian Professor Niall Ferguson makes the point that bankers have appreciated the importance of proximity to politicians since the time of the Medicis in 15th Century Venice. This closeness isn't out of a love of progressing society but is entirely down to self-interest.

Mr Cowen is now tainted by his association with Seanie FitzPatrick. The depth and nature of their relationship will be understood in the fullness of time, but either way the people will continue to suffer.

Seanie FitzPatrick once said that we must cut spending on the sacred cows of Irish society -- children, the elderly and healthcare. I wonder is this what they chatted about as they went around the golf course. Thanks to Mr Cowen those sacred cows are now well and truly slain. Seanie must be pleased.

While the super-rich swan around playing golf, our citizens leave in numbers not seen in a generation; those on the minimum wage endure a pay cut; and the unemployed scrape out a meagre existence. For these people even a game of golf on a prestigious course would cost more than their monthly disposable income. Perhaps if Mr Cowen spent the occasional day with an unemployed person he might see the injustice so obvious to others and do something about it.

Gerard O'Donoghue
Limerick City

Irish Independent