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The country needs to know how are we going to reduce the national debt and how are we going to pay for it? If the Government has no answers, then it should put us out of our misery and call a general election now.

Anthony Woods
Ennis, Co Clare

  • THE recent meetings between the DUP, the Ulster Unionists and the Tories prove that sectarianism still matters in the North. If elections are called now Martin McGuinness would probably become First Minister and a lot of people would not be happy.

As a socialist, Mr McGuinness does not inspire me. I have never heard him express anything that I would consider an opinion of the left.

Paul Doran
Dublin 22

  • Colin Duke was right to have a go at Kathryn Thomas (Letters, January 12), for her sneering at how Cavan people speak. It's a bit of a tradition within RTE to mock and seek a cheap laugh at the Cavan accent. These overpaid and pampered nitwits are just proving to the world how ignorant they are.

Paddy O'brien
Balbriggan, co Dublin

  • IN their recent advertising campaign An Post embarrassingly stated that they "handle more mail than any other company in Ireland".

Well, they have a monopoly in Ireland -- just like the Royal Mail in the UK. Now they have signed a €3m contract with a UK company to supply them with uniforms.

So much for saving and making Irish jobs.

A Comiskey
Ranelagh, DUBLIN

  • Enniscorthy Town Council has approved the instatement of a stone memorial honouring the 1950s IRA border 'campaign'. In particular, the 1957 Edentubber bombers.

Next I suppose we will be honouring the "Brave Boyos" who murdered gardai and soldiers. The lunatics are surely now running the asylum.

Colm Lauder
Crosshaven, Co Cork

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