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Animal crackers

• I agree with Edward McAlister (Letters, October 31) that under the forward-looking directorship of Leo Oosterweghel, Dublin Zoo has moved on from the Victorian attitudes that were once the fashion for zoos in Europe.

As a regular visitor to Dublin Zoo with my two children, I can point to the numerous educational activities that the zoo provides, particularly for its younger visitors, including a series of vibrant workshops, regular birdwatching and readers' clubs and "Young Zoologist" days, to name but a few.

On the conservation side, in addition to a series of animal awareness weeks that focus on different species under threat in the wild, the series of breeding programmes that exist in the zoo place it at the forefront of international conservation in this area.

In addition, Dublin Zoo actively engages in numerous conservation projects in the wild, including the Waldrapp Ibis project in Morocco, the Europe-wide Eaza Ape campaign and the Lowveld Rhino Trust campaign in Zimbabwe.

Mark Lawler
Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Irish Independent