Monday 22 January 2018

An education in liberal myopia

Madam -- In response to Eilis O'Hanlon's Sunday Independent article 'Clearly, class is the fear that dare not speak its name', I would like to applaud her for having the integrity and non-politically correct position of calling a spade a spade.

I live in a council estate and brought up three children on my own, as my thug of an ex- husband engaged in drinking his dole money and the children's allowance, and beating me. No doubt, in some sections of society, mainly the middle class, I was viewed as a burden on the State's resources. The derision towards lone mothers is palpable in this country.

Nevertheless, I was adamant to 'do the right thing' and strove to bring my children up to be mature, responsible, civic-minded adults. My children attended an elite university, and the irony is that they now have entered the realm of the 'myopic liberal intelligentsia' who believe that these 'knackers' are victims of society as opposed to society being victims of them.

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