Monday 18 December 2017

An anti-women article

Madam – Reading John Waters's article (Sunday Independent, June 23, 2013) would make anyone with progressive views sick to their stomach. It consists of attack after attack on women, with arguments that we are emotionally manipulative and selfish combined with the insult that suicidality during pregnancy is a theoretical idea. But it warrants a response because it exposes the reality that the pro-life position is inherently anti-women.

He begins by comparing a suicidal woman having an abortion with a suicidal man murdering his partner. As one commentator has already mentioned, this comparison is not only disgusting, but makes no sense. The fact that he is happy to equate the life of a woman to a clump of cells is truly mind-blowing. Not to mention the fact that the man has the option of leaving his partner while the suicidal woman has no other option but to have a termination.

In the mind of John Waters, women have long since manipulated men in Ireland, claiming victim status so we can get to kill babies. In reality, women in Ireland have faced huge inequality and sexism throughout the 20th Century, compared to those in other European countries.

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