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Amnesty bill is to be welcomed

Madam – As a former member of the Irish Defence Forces I was delighted that the present Minister for Defence, Alan Shatter, brought forward a bill for amnesty for Irish soldiers who went AWOL during the Second Word War, in support of a worthy cause in trying to defeat Hitler and his Nazi cohorts.

The turmoil that they encountered on their return is nothing but downright disgraceful. Yes, we can say that Irish soldiers who remained at their posts were also loyal and dedicated to their profession as Irish soldiers.

The Irish governments at that time mostly consisted of Dev, and Fianna Fail. Throughout their time in government in this country, they never made any attempt to honour these brave men, but they did do one thing, and that was to make them, one and all, out to be parasites in their towns, and particularly in their country.

I salute these brave men for their courage and determination to bring peace and defeat Hitler and what he stood for.

JJ O'Connor RSM Ret,


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