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American Empire

• I am fed up with an American elite -- ranging from the US Chamber of Commerce to the American Bar Association and multi-national CEOs -- meddling in the Irish democratic process and telling us how to vote in referenda concerning Europe.

They seem to think that they have a God-given right to do so -- let's see how they react to my opinion now.

Contrary to what they believe, they are not part of some new empire.

If they care to look at the US debt clock in Times Square they might cop on to the fact that their own economy is bust and is running solely because their treasury's printing presses are spewing out paper which is just about as worthless as confetti.

They would be better employed advocating the chorus of 'Goodnight Saigon' as a new global national anthem.

I suspect that the new world order, should it arrive, will be composed of everybody being as rich as Mark E Zuckerberg or as poor as an Indian 'Untouchable' -- take your pick, gentlemen.

Liam Power
Ballina, Co Mayo

Irish Independent