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Amazing feat

• Verily, by their actions shall you know them. How about this for (only part of) a catalogue of incompetence and hypocrisy emanating from the inmates of that Cloud Cuckoo Land masquerading as Dail Eireann:

Mr Noonan has no problem in attacking the weakest, poorest and most disadvantaged in our country (sure after all they have no legally binding contracts), and Mr Howlin "hits" the politicians hard – they must now "account" for their obscene expenses. I presume they will now seek compensation for this inconvenience!

Mr Brian Hayes is vociferous on TV explaining to us that the country is absolutely broke, but becomes strangely incoherent – mute almost – when asked by a taxpayer to explain then how we can pay such monstrous salaries, expenses, pensions, etc to TDs.

And, of course, finally Mr Kenny and Mr Gilmore seem to have "forgotten where they came from", and prefer to impoverish their "own" people so that they can be patted on the head by European leaders.

But they have at least one utterly outstanding achievement to their names – they are making Fianna Fail look good. (well, almost)!

Finbarr O'Connor
Grantstown, Waterford

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