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All-out Fine Gael majority a worry

POLLS have hinted at the possibility of Fine Gael getting close to the Holy Grail of single-party government – or else a situation where it needs only the support of a few Independents.

A stable, respected government is very much needed for the next four years. We all witnessed the Fianna Fail-led coalition with the Greens wither on the vine over the past two years.

In this General Election, we need to choose for national interests and not local ones.

If Fine Gael doesn't make it to all-out victory, it may be wiser for Labour to be in coalition with them because on their own Fine Gael could go all Blueshirty on us – meaning they could impose more radical cutbacks and taxes for the “good of the country”.

We need politicians of the calibre of Labour's Ruairi Quinn, Pat Rabbitte and Joan Burton to protect Ireland's interests against the dominance of Germany and France in the EU.

Finally, there are only 23 women out of 166 TDs in the Dail and we could improve on that and have a more balanced parliament for 2011-2015.

There are decent, intelligent candidates, like Fianna Fail's Mary Fitzpatrick, who was famously excluded by the Fianna Fail Drumcondra “boys’ own” set in the 2007 General Election.