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All or nothing . . . A stark reminder . . . Reign in Hell

- SO after the political theatricals of the past couple of weeks, the Irish people will soon express their vote to elect what seems likely to be a new coalition government with Fine Gael and Labour.

Those who are as cynical and sceptical as I am think that everything will have to change to change nothing.

Have any of the opposition parties come up with a credible manifesto for radical change?

The answer is no. Apart from cosmetic touches, some of which may sink the economy even further and hit the most vulnerable even harder, there has been no new voice that has laid down proper new rules and parameters for real change.

We will still have a divided society, we will still have the “I’m all right Jacks”, we will still have the ministers, TDs, senators, top brass in the public and private sectors, including trade union leaders, who will resist any real change for a better distribution of wealth in this country.

We will still have no proper regulation or control in terms of rents and insurance premiums badly needed to encourage small businesses, thus creating new jobs. History is likely to repeat itself.



- THE timely intervention by the EU Commission and its chief spokesman, Ollie Rehn, who called for a passing of the Finance Bill, is a stark reminder of how Ireland has lost most of its sovereignty.

As someone who believes more than anything that we, the Irish people, have the right to decide and implement our policies and not some outside force, be it the EU, IMF or whoever, I am disgusted by this intervention.



- “BETTER to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”

Milton! Thou should'st be living at this hour. Ireland hath need of thee . . .