Monday 16 September 2019

Africa must share blame for turmoil

WHILE Kevin Myers may seem harsh he certainly has a point, and says what a lot of people think ('Africa is giving nothing to anyone -- apart from AIDS', Irish Independent, July 10).

The corruption and darkness endemic in that continent cannot all be put down to exploitation by the West in the past.

It's a bit like here, when we used to blame the Brits for everything. Now it's the EU.

I think the greatest scandal in Africa, and South Africa in particular, is allowing that monster Mugabe to remain in power.

Even the great Nelson Mandela pulled his punches on Zimbabwe recently, just deploring "violence and the lack of leadership".

Now imagine if someone like Mugabe were a right-wing ideologue, what the howls of protest would be.

The fact that he was a revolutionary and Jesuit-educated gives him a certain shield.



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